Workout Drills for Creating the Complete Youth Basketball Player: John Miller

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  • Learn over 30 drills that will improve your basketball fundamentals
  • Develop your weak hand for devastating crossover moves
  • Improve your shooting by improving your form

Do your basketball homework everyday with these essential drills for improving your skill level!

John Miller takes you through a complete youth basketball workout to improve ball handling, passing, shooting and attacking the rim. Using a third, sixth and ninth grader as demonstrators, you'll see how these drills can be used at any level.

You can use these drills anywhere: In the driveway, at the playground or at a practice. There are drills you can by yourself and drills you can do with a partner.

The bulk of this DVD is dedicated to ball handling. Coach Miller demonstrates over 30 ball handling drills (stationary, moving, and attacking and finishing at the rim) that improve hand quickness, strength and ball control.

These drills build player confidence. They help players become more proficient at spin moves, crossovers and behind the back dribbles allowing them to get by defenders and finish at the rim or pass to the open player.

You will see four passing drills that will train your players how to pass the basketball quickly and effectively.

Miller gives detailed instruction on how youth basketball players can improve their shooting by using form shooting and the one-two step in shooting.

This DVD is a great comprehensive way for youth basketball players to improve their overall skill and confidence as a basketball player.

55 minutes. 2011.

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