Winning with the Princeton Style Offense: Lee DeForest

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  • Learn how to implement the Princeton style offense on your team with Lee DeForest
  • Basketball instruction on the Princeton style offense and plays to run within it
  • Includes basketball game highlights showing the Princeton style offense in action

Is your offense stale and predictable? Do you find it difficult to make adjustments to the defense? Now you can mold the elaborate Princeton Offense to match your players' abilities and maximize your team's scoring! After taking apart the famed Princeton Offense piece by piece, Coach DeForest reassembled it to give his high school team a versatile, high scoring offense. DeForest's unique teaching method makes the Princeton easy to teach and install. DeForest provides white board diagrams and practice footage of six interchangeable sets:

  • Chin
  • Low
  • 5-Out
  • Point
  • Reverse
  • Circle

He supplements his teaching with game footage that shows the system in action. Within each play, DeForest provides multiple options based on spacing, cutting and reading the defense. Coach DeForest has taken the intricacies of the Princeton offense and adapted it to the high school level allowing you to effectively run this intricate offense. Control game tempo and score layups and open 3-pointers with equal frequency and efficiency!

71 minutes. 2009.

"This offense allows a coach to game plan an opponent based on how they play defense or by using mismatches. This version of the offense is simplified into a perimeter and post position with six interchangeable sets while still maintaining the basic principle of the backdoor against defensive overplay."
-- Lee DeForest

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