Winning Hoops "Best-of-the-Best" Series: Over 55 Powerful Plays from the 1-4 High Set

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  • Best 1-4 High Set plays from coaches at all competitive levels of play
  • Over 55 high-powered plays from the 1-4 High Set
  • Plays are designed to get your perimeter players and post players open shots

Basketball coaches at all levels of competition love running plays from the versatile 1-4 high set. From the 1-4 high set, you can take on zone or man defenses, as well as disguise initial entries into your continuity offense or even use it as a way to change things up and keep the opposing defense on its heels. The 1-4 high set makes your team extremely difficult to defend and scout.

In this edition of Winning Hoops Best-of-the-Best Series, you'll get the most successful, high powered and dynamic plays from the 1-4 high set. The plays were submitted by the finest coaches at the high school and college level and feature easy-to-follow format where each play is explained in diagram form, followed by live-action on-the-court demonstration by coaches and players.

In over 90 minutes of action you'll get quick hitters, zone busters, last-second plays, back screens, 3-point shots, lob plays, dribble entries, flex action, pro sets, pick-and-roll plays and more - all run from the versatile 1-4 high offensive set.

76 minutes. 2010.

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