Vertical Challenger

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Get a jump on the competition with the Vertical Challenger!

The Vertical Challenger is easy to use and provides accurate results. The Vertical Challenger will let you quickly measure an athlete's vertical jump. Because it is so easy to use, you'll be better able to track vertical jumping ability over time allowing you to track progress and to assess if your training methods are working.

The Vertical Challenger telescopes from 4 to 12 feet and has a heavy duty base with casters for stability and portability. Moveable metal arms placed at 1" increments allow for accurate jump measurement. Highest arm reached remains angled until jump reading is measured. Vertical Challenger comes with handy reset pole to quickly restore arm position for next use.

Additional Features of the Vertical Challenger:

  • Measure maximum jump reach from both a standing jump & full approach
  • Can also measure height and standing arm reach
  • Heavy-duty base with casters for stability and portability
  • Telescopes to measure from 4'-12'
  • Moveable metal arms set in 1'' increments
  • Includes telescoping reset pole
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