Tom Izzo: The 1-3-1 Zone Offense

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Get an insider's view into the Michigan State playbook with this fantastic DVD instructed by Coach Tom Izzo.

These set plays have led Tom Izzo and his program to one NCAA National Championship title, four Final Fours, and eight NCAA appearances in his ten years as a Division I head coach. Coach Izzo has won 77% of his games utilizing these set plays.

This video will demonstrate ways to take advantage of any type of zone defense. Every basketball team has a certain "go-to" player who can make certain shots when needed. Izzo shows you how to get your best player the ball in their favorite positions. He walks you through the basic set for each play and how it needs to be run, the different options, reads and counters to put your team in position to score. Izzo teaches you how to transition into a set play after running your zone offense and how to run plays as the shot or game clock is running down. Coach Izzo reveals nine out-of-bounds plays that will help you score versus a zone defense under the basket or on the sideline. These 23 set plays can be utilized and take advantage of a 2-3 and 1-2-2 zone defenses. Izzo also teaches how to throw in little wrinkles to keep the defense guessing.

This is the best zone quick-hitter video to hit the market in years! This is a must for any coach's library!

70 minutes. 2006.

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