Tom Izzo: Rebounding Drills and Defending the Pick-and-Roll

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Coach Izzo's teams specialize on the defensive end and on the glass. In Rebounding Drills and Defending the Pick-and-Roll, Izzo presents his rebounding and defensive ball screen concepts.

To rebound successfully, Izzo describes how to hit (contact on the shot), find the ball, and fetch (get the ball before it hits the floor). These fundamentals are shown in the One-One-One, 2- and 5-man and War drills.

On the offensive side of the floor, the Step-Step, wedge and spin moves are taught to enable offensive players to rebound more effectively.

To generate more game-like situations, Izzo demonstrates a rebounding game that pits two defenders and two offensive players. The rebounding focus continues with instruction on blocking out on free throw situations. The pinch and wedge are demonstrated along the lane line. Izzo also presents his thoughts on rebounding against a zone.

The DVD concludes with Izzo's seven different options in guarding the pick-and-roll, which is a popular part of today's game. Methods presented are over the top, up & over, trap, up & under, Jam, Feather and Red. Red is a method borrowed from the NBA that does not allow the dribbler to reach the on ball screen.

Coach Izzo has adopted a "defense wins" attitude about coaching the game. The drills and teaching points in this DVD can help you develop your own winning attitude.

85 minutes. 2006.

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