Tom Izzo: Dominating Rebounding & Man-to-Man Defensive Drills

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with Tom Izzo,
2000 NCAA Champions, 3X National Coach of the Year

  • Improve your defense now with hot tips from the nation's top defensive coach.
  • Learn drills to create a and to stifling defensedominate the boards
  • Easy to teach techniques & philosophies.

Coach Izzo shares one of the most dominating man-to-man defensive and rebounding systems in college basketball today. Izzo's teams have been among the nation's leaders in rebounding margin (+11.7) and scoring defense (58.9) since he took over in the '95-'96 season.

The seven defensive drills that Izzo covers include: 1) Defending backdoor cuts, 2) Help and recover, 3) Reaction drills, 4) Pick and roll, 5) Pin down picks, 6) Double screens and 7) Switching on screens. In addition, Izzo provides you with four competitive rebounding drills that you can use everyday in practice. All four rebounding drills will help your team become a cohesive rebounding unit. As an added bonus, Izzo discusses how to beat the 2-3 Zone Defense. Izzo shares four of his most effective quick hitters with numerous options for each play vs. the 2-3 Zone. This video provides one of the most unique opportunities to learn three "keys to success" in basketball today: stifling defense, dominating rebounding, and scoring opportunities vs. the 2-3 Zone.

This is a must for any coach at any level!

62 minutes. 2004.

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