Tom Crean: Competitive Practice Drills

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In Competitive Practice Drills, Coach Tom Crean opens up one of his practices and shares drills that are vital to the development of the his program on both ends of the floor.

Opening with a series of set plays that are run 5-on-0, Crean shows some potent scoring opportunities. Each play includes multiple scoring options that can be run by any offense.

Spending practice time on out of bounds plays pay off at game time. Crean shows four plays and offers six different wrinkles to score quick baskets.

Drills for building the press offense begin with a full court 2-0 drill. The drill progression includes 3-0, 4-0 and 5-0. Ball handling, passing, decision and game like shots are part of each segment.

The close out drill is an intense drill that involves four players who must react quickly to their man and push the ball handler higher.

Another game like drill is the drive and kick and baseline drive where players work on shooting and passing.

In addition, Crean provides a few competitive shooting drills. Putting the pieces together in a brief scrimmage setting gives Coach Crean's team a chance to execute many skills from the breakdown drills.

103 minutes. 2007.

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