The Vertical Jump School: Joe Stolzer

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  • 70 drills to improve your team's explosiveness and blast off
  • Train your players to jump higher while landing safer and preventing injuries
  • An additional byproduct of an explosive vertical jump is a more explosive first step

Every basketball player wants to improve his or her vertical jump. Now you can!

Joe Stolzer provides a visual instruction manual to help players build their explosiveness and blast off! Coach Stolzer reveals and addresses weak links throughout the body that, by themselves, might increase vertical jump without additional training.

Stolzer highlights the three main areas that effect vertical jump.

  • Feet and Ankles - The vertical jump starts at ground contact. Improve strength, flexibility and the health of your feet and ankles.
  • Hips - The hips account for 80% of the body's power. With unilateral training, athletes can build twice the power as those who just train with their legs.
  • Core - Learn core exercises to increase the power of your jump, hang time and balance.

Stolzer provides detailed instruction on correct jumping and landing mechanics. These techniques will both ensure maximum vertical jump and assistance in reducing injuries upon landing.

To bring it all together, Stolzer includes over 20 Blast Off Drills. These drills incorporate scientific and psychological principles to fully enhance the power in your jump. The Blast Off Drills will lend variety to your workouts and will help prevent muscle plateau so your athletes' can continue to improve. Stolzer includes eight unique aquatic drills and his "speed training in disguise" drills.

This program is specifically designed for athletes under 225 lbs. and who are post-adolescent.

Work with your athletes to vastly improve their explosiveness and blast off using this excellent training tool. Create an edge in athleticism and prevent injuries for the players on your team!

80 minutes. 2010.

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