The Swing Offense 3-Pack: Ryan Looney

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  • Learn a transition system that provides early scoring chances off of post-ups, 3's and ball screens
  • Discover a series of entries for getting a quick score or for seamlessly flowing into the Swing Offense
  • Get six breakdown drills and concepts that will get your team easy baskets and more trips to the free throw line

Introduction to Swing Offense

The "Swing Offense" is one of the most successful offenses being used today at the high school and university levels. Seattle Pacific University Head Coach Ryan Looney explains how this offense helps promote unselfishness, limit turnovers, provide great spacing, multiple players post up opportunities, and allows them to get to the free throw line. All of which is critical to offensive efficiency and to the success his team has enjoyed running this offense.

Through the use of diagrams, on-court instruction and video from game footage, Coach Looney gives you everything you need to put this offense into action. He details the basics and advanced skills and actions in the swing offense. You will see how simple this offense is to teach, yet how difficult it is to defend.

Starting with the transition game, Looney shows you how the Falcons transition from defense to offense and flows into the offense. Each player's role is broken down in transition and he demonstrates where early 3-point shots and post ups will occur. You'll learn various entries to start the offense, as well as watch game footage to see how the team transitions into the offense.

Coach Looney dives into the half court set-up with the two main types of screens:

  • The Up Screen - This action is set up by a simple pass to the wing. The cutter then uses the screen to get to the rim. The screener steps out to the perimeter and takes the cutters position. This action allows for a quick scoring opportunity but also keeps the team properly spaced.
  • The Flex Screen - As the ball skips from one side of the court to the other a flex screen is set for the weakside wing. It is, and always has been, an extremely effective way to get a player a great look at the rim near the basket.

These two screens are the foundation of the Swing offense. Coach Looney shows where and when each of the screens is used and the possibilities that the offense can exploit from each screen. However, the offense does offer other options to counter the consistency of the screens. As defenders try to fight through the screens or anticipate the cuts, baseline drives open up. Pick and pop options are also present as well as wing ball screens. Multiple post-up opportunities also present themselves which create high percentage shots for a variety of players on the court. Each option is clearly presented in this video and all are easy to teach and consistent enough for players to learn.

The Swing offense is a great team offense. It promotes good floor spacing and constant movement. Defenders are required to constantly fight through screens, adjust to off ball movement and stay active on the weak side. Eventually the defense will make a mistake that will lead to easy buckets for the team running the Swing. Getting your team to be unselfish is an important aspect to having a successful offense. With the Swing, unselfishness is almost guaranteed. Players are constantly getting open and teammates can easily identify this and get them the ball.

Whether you're an expert looking to refresh your ideas on the swing offense or a beginning coach looking to improve your understanding of half court offense, this is a must have DVD for your collection.

62 minutes. 2013.


Swing Offense Sets and Entries

Every team will face pressure defense or a defensive scheme to disrupt them on offense. Ryan Looney shows you how teams that run the Swing offense can relieve that pressure or adjust to various schemes to get high percentage shots. Coach Looney has guided the Seattle Pacific Falcons to tremendous success over the past four years. His Swing offense is a major reason why they have had so much success. It is however, these sets and entries that allow his team to effectively get the offense started.

Through the years, Coach Looney has effectively found ways to counter any action the defense may throw at his teams as they begin to run the Swing offense. In this presentation he gives you these counters.

With a set, motion offense like the Swing, a pattern is run that is extremely difficult to defend. Most teams will resort to added pressure on the ball, as well as denials on the wing to stop the offense from getting going. Coach Looney teaches you three pressure release sets they use when a team decides to get into the passing lanes and pressure them in both the half court and full court. With each pressure release, you will learn about the backdoor opportunities include Fire, V-Out, and the Backdoor Reversal entry that will keep your opponent honest when they are guarding them. After a few times through it, the defense will have to change how it defends you.

Once in the half court, Coach Looney diagrams and uses on court demonstrators to show you 7 different entries they use to get into the swing offense. With each entry, Coach Looney describes when to use the entry and what kind of advantage it creates. He demonstrates their dribble entry, post dive, point guard dive, ball screen from wing, ball screens with the post players, and a wings up entry that guarantees ball reversal and movement in the half court. By using the ball screen options, defenses will think you have left the Swing, but each quickly and easily molds back into the Swing. This seamless transition continues to make the Swing offense and its entries incredibly difficult to guard.

With any good offense, you must have set plays that can lead right into the swing offense. Coach Looney gives you three complete sets that incorporate post screening action and lead into high low scoring options with your post players. You will have a complete swing offense after you have installed these sets and entries into your half court offense.

As with Coach Looney's Swing Offense DVD, on-court instruction is his main tool to teach the entries, but he also uses diagrams of the action as well as showing game footage of each concept that he teachers. This presentation and these sets are easy to understand and simple to teach. Combing this DVD with the Swing offense DVD and you are ready to put this dangerous offense into action.

63 minutes. 2013.


Breakdown Drills for Swing Offense

The real key to any successful offense is the skill level of the players running it. Seattle Pacific University Head Coach Ryan Looney believes players have to have a skill set that still allows them to succeed should the system fail. In this basketball drills video he not only shares the breakdown drills to develop the skills all players need to have, but he also does this within the concepts of the Swing Offense.

You will get six basic breakdown drills that teach your players the game shots they will get within the swing offense along with a perimeter and post player skill development workout. These are challenging workouts and drills that focus on the up screen, flex screen, and side pick and roll screen. Coach Looney uses a variety of equipment to help his players play through contact and create and one and one's to control the free throw game.

One of the first skills his team works on is screening. They work on four options they get from the Up Screen and the four they get from the Flex Screen. He will teach you how to set your screens in correct spots, make cuts of least resistance to create a better scoring opportunity, and have excellent vision to the post where most of your offense will come from. Swing, Bump, and Separation shots are shooting drills where they work on shooting coming off screens. The focus is having their hands up and their feet balanced before they receive the ball to shoot.

Post skills work on stance and positioning. Teaching post players to get low and how to use their arms to take up more space. Various basic post moves are covered. Perimeter development covers different ways a defender may guard the ball handler on a screening action and how each action can be defeated by the ball handler.

Skill development is essential to any team's success. As you learn how to install and master the swing offense you will learn how to put your players in successful situations and still focus on individual development within the breakdown drills.

61 minutes. 2013.


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