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The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout: Become a Dominant Scorer is exactly what the title says it is -- a basketball shooting program that will help you become a more dominant scorer! It is much more than your typical shooting workout; it is designed to improve scoring ability and mental toughness. If you think that you or your team has room to improve, use this workout to help you get there.

How is a shooting workout going to improve toughness? The workouts in this program are designed to challenge even the best of shooters. This is not a simplified basketball shooting workout where you just take some shots around the court. The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout will test your skills and challenge your focus, concentration, and overall mental toughness. If you put forth the effort, this workout will help your overall shooting percentage, your ability to create and score, and your mental toughness.

The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout places a great deal of emphasis on 'Mental Toughness'. The mentally tough basketball player has the ability to stay calm under pressure. He has the ability to score under pressure. He has the ability to hit the clutch shot. He doesn't quit when things get tough. The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout will test all of those areas and more. When things are hard and the pressure is on, how do you react? When you're playing in the big game, are you ready to dominate? When the game is on the line, are you prepared to step up? The more you perform this shooting program, the more prepared, ready, and confident you will be when the pressure rises.

It does not make a difference what level or caliber of player you are ... let The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout guide you as you strive to become a more dominant basketball player. If you want to get ahead of your competition, the time is now.

Features of The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout

The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout: Become a Dominant Scorer is designed to help players improve their shooting, scoring, and mental toughness. There are certainly plenty of shooting workouts available, some good and some not-so-good. The difference between The Mentally Tough Shooting Workout and the others is that this workout challenges the basketball player in ways beyond simply performing shooting drills and going through the motions.

Beyond the shooting workouts, this book comes complete with tips, techniques, and strategies you can utilize to help you become a better scorer and shooter. It also discusses the idea of mental toughness and how you can develop and improve it within yourself.

Regarding the actual workouts, this book includes 4 separate workouts as well as a Warm-up Sequence you can incorporate prior to performing a given workout. The basketball shooting workouts included are:

  • Individual Perimeter Shooting Workout
  • Partner Perimeter Shooting Workout
  • Individual Post Shooting Workout
  • Partner Post Shooting Workout

If you choose to work hard and dedicate yourself, each of these workouts will test your focus and concentration, your mental toughness, and your shooting/scoring skills. You will be challenged!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - What Is Mental Toughness

Chapter 2 - Purpose Principle
Chapter 3 - Consequence Principle
Chapter 4 - Confidence Principle

Chapter 5 - Practice

Chapter 6 - If You’re Open, Shoot
Chapter 7 - Warm Up

Chapter 8 - Free Throw fundaMENTAL

Chapter 9 - Free Throw Shooting Tips
Chapter 10 - Common Free Throw Mistakes

Chapter 11 - Scoring fundaMENTAL

Chapter 12 - Scoring Tips & Techniques

Chapter 13 - Warm-Up Sequence

Chapter 14 - Individual Perimeter Shooting Workout Drills
Chapter 15 - Partner Perimeter Shooting Workout Drills
Chapter 16 - Post Shooting Workout Drills
Chapter 17 - The Workout Free Throws

Chapter 18 - Charting Your Progress

Chapter 19 - Mentally Tough Workout Tips & Techniques
Chapter 20 - Shooting Workout Log Sheets


About the Author
Tony Alfonso is the author of The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program as well as the owner and director of and

‘Coach Fonz’ has been coaching basketball for 12 years at the varsity and AAU levels. He also has several years of experience working at various basketball camps throughout the Upper Midwest. Tony is also the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Breck School in Golden Valley, MN. Here, he works with individual student-athletes and teams to help them become more adept athletically and to prepare them for college and pro sports.

Born and raised in Antigo, Wisconsin and a graduate of Northwestern College (St. Paul, MN), Tony currently lives in Roseville, Minnesota with his wife, Christine.

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