The Daily Nugget: Motivations for Basketball Coaches and Everyone Who Loves the Game: Jim Burson

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"The Daily Nugget" is written by a coach for coaches. When you engage this book, you get powerful connections with everyone in your program, from players to parents and officials.

Let your players have their own copies and you'll see a chain reaction, as they begin to motivate themselves and each other.

Designed for busy coaches, the book is organized by the five key seasons of basketball-preseason, early season, mid-season, post-season and summer season. Each section opens with season-specific tips for how to use the nuggets and closes with a summary of how things went.

You'll learn how to:

  • Bring out the best in yourself, your players and everyone around you
  • Motivate and inspire your players through good times and tough times
  • Communicate with your players year round
  • Build the strong relationships that create long-term success

Whether you're a veteran coach or just starting out, there's no better way to lift and motivate your players-and yourself-than by engaging "The Daily Nugget" every day.

Shout-out to players: Your coach needs you on board now! Get your own copy of this book so you are always ready for the Nugget Huddle.

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254 pages
Exohs (2015)

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