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Do you think you or your team would be better if you were stronger, faster, quicker, more explosive, and more athletic? In order to become the best basketball player or team that you can become, strength training - along with speed, quickness, footwork, core training, and more - is a must! Weightlifting for basketball is essential...but why simply do basic and pointless exercises when you can specifically improve in areas that benefit you on the basketball court? The improvement of your athletic abilities will directly correlate to improved play on the basketball court. Learn to effectively and adequately train for improved strength and speed specific to basketball with this year-round basketball strength and speed training program.

This is not a simplified 4-week 'sample' basketball strength training program -- This book is designed as a year-round complete basketball training program for all phases of the basketball year; offseason, preseason, inseason and postseason.

In The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program, coach Tony Alfonso offers you his fully-integrated program and training principles for strength and speed that he has used to train teams that have achieved state titles and players that have gone on to successful college and pro careers.

Packed with insights, descriptions, techniques, and more, this comprehensive book offers the fundamentals and tactics for incorporating an effective strength, speed and overall conditioning program into your basketball training regimen. Not only will you find great ideas, drills, and exercises to help you improve, but this book is also a year-round basketball training program that is fully complete...sets and reps are already determined for each training phase. It is completely ready-to-go -- you do not need to put anything together yourself! This is not some watered-down weight training workout program for basketball; this is a complete strength, speed, quickness, and explosiveness-building workout. The included workout forms and testing charts will also help you understand how you are progressing so you can effectively achieve your goals.

Through Coach Alfonso's experience and guidance, you will learn how to successfully implement a strength and speed training program for yourself or your team. So whether you are a coach, player or parent -- young basketball player, high school athlete, or college athlete (male or female) -- 'The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program' will help you improve your athletic ability that correlates to improvement on the basketball court.

Features of The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program

The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program is designed as a year-round strength training and speed training program specific to basketball players. Utilizing this book quite simply takes the guesswork out of implementing your own training program. This book (available in comb-bound paperback or downloadable eBook) is simple to understand, easy-to-follow, and completely flexible and adaptable to your own individual needs. No more guessing what exercises to do and when to do them. No more long hours trying to piece together different training ideas. No more ineffective and inadequate basketball training programs! This book simply has it all!!

The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program is a unique basketball training program for players and teams who want to elevate their athleticism to elevate their game. It does not simply focus on one area, whereby you need to gather information from several places and put it all together. By following this program and working hard, you will develop and improve in each of the following areas especially important for basketball players:

  • Muscle Strength and Power Development
  • Increased Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Explosive Power
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Basketball Speed, Quickness, and Agility (ability to quickly change direction)
  • Core and Ab Strength Development
  • Starting and Stopping (Acceleration and Deceleration)
  • Reaction Time
  • Vertical Jump and Plyometrics
  • Overall Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning

Remember, this is not just a sample workout where you can simply gather ideas. This is a complete, year-round basketball strength and speed training program! This is quite possibly the only basketball training program you will ever need!

Check out all these great features included in this book:

  • A full 52-week (year-round) basketball strength and conditioning, speed training, and overall athlete-building workout program!
  • Workouts for all phases of the basketball year: inseason, postseason, preseason, and offseason training phases -- this is a complete year-round training program, not a small sample workout you find with most 'training programs'.
  • Includes a beginning weight training phase so the young and/or inexperienced athlete can begin strength and speed training for basketball.
  • All the strength and speed exercises to be performed are listed, including sets and reps -- simply follow along and get stronger, quicker, and more athletic.
  • A full complement of dynamic warmups, plyometrics, agility, footwork, speed, endurance, aerobic activities, and core training for basketball players are included.
  • Testing component to chart improvements and to determine areas of weakness.
  • Descriptions for over 330 exercises and drills, including more than 125 strength and power exercises, over 52 core exercises, and more than 55 speed, agility, and quickness training exercises!
  • A complete basketball training program so you can start right away -- nothing for you to figure out on your own.
  • Adaptable to fit your own needs.
  • Flexible to compensate for various factors.
  • Bonus ideas, tips, drills and exercises included for the advanced and/or motivated basketball player.

Table of Contents

Part I - The Program Philosophy
Chapter 1 - The Importance of Strength & Speed Training for Basketball Players
Chapter 2 - Strength and Speed Training Principles & Techniques
Chapter 3 - Fundamental Training Skills & Movements Emphasized

Part II - The Program Breakdown
Chapter 4 - The Training Phases
Chapter 5 - The Year-Long Training Schedule
Chapter 6 - Provisions for the Multi-Sport Athlete
Chapter 7 - The Weekly Breakdown
Chapter 8 - Provisions for the Beginning Athlete

Part III - The Program Components
Chapter 9 - Workout Log Sheet Explanation
Chapter 10 - Dynamic Warm-Ups & Flexibility Component
Chapter 11 - Core Series Component
Chapter 12 - Speed & Conditioning Training Component
Chapter 13 - Strength & Power Training Component
Chapter 14 - Fitness Testing Component
Chapter 15 - General Nutrition Guidelines for Athletes
Chapter 16 - 11 Common Sense Points to Maximize This Basketball Training Program

Part IV - Program Exercise & Drill Descriptions
Chapter 17 - Basketball Strength & Power Exercises
Chapter 18 - Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises
Chapter 19 - Static Stretching Exercises
Chapter 20 - Core Strength Series Exercises
Chapter 21 - Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercises
Chapter 22 - Speed-Endurance & Basketball Speed-Endurance Exercises
Chapter 23 - Basketball Agility & Footwork Exercises
Chapter 24 - Basketball Speed & Acceleration Exercises

Part V - Workout Log Sheets & Other Forms
Chapter 25 - Why Keep Track?
Chapter 26 - Training Phases Workout Log Sheets
Chapter 27 - Basketball Testing Evaluation Forms

Chapter 28 - One-Repetition Max Estimate Table 


About the Author
Tony Alfonso has been around the game of basketball his entire life. He was born, raised and played his high school ball in Antigo, Wisconsin. He continued playing college basketball at Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota where he graduated in 1998 with a degree in physical education. Coach Alfonso is also certified as a Specialist in Sports Conditioning.

He has coached varsity girls basketball in Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as numerous boys’ and girls’ AAU teams. He has also been involved with many basketball camps throughout the Upper Midwest. 'Coach Fonz' is also the owner and director of this website, Hoops U., as well as the all-new Hoops U. Insider.

Currently, he is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Breck School in Minneapolis where he trains individual athletes and works with all athletic teams. He has helped several teams achieve state championship trophies and helped many athletes progress to college as well as professional sports. He is also the owner and director of, a website dedicated to helping basketball coaches and players learn, develop, and improve their knowledge of the game.

Coach Alfonso currently resides in Roseville, Minnesota with his wife, Christine.

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6 Reviews

11th Feb 2016

Best Program

This program is by far one of the best basketball specific weight lifting programs I've done. I played college baseball and gone through the weight training programs at a D1 level and this is on the same level. Of you are looking for something to mantain or gain strength for basketball this is it.

Andrew 27th May 2013

All You Need for Basketball Strength and Conditining

This is a great program! It covers the year-round basketball strength and conditioning, using the periodization technique makes it very effective. I personally recommend you buy it, it has personally been a terrific investment, and I'm currently a 15-year-old high school basketball athlete, and this program covers it all, with countless drills, all fully diagrammed and can be customized to fit your needs!

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