The Ball Screen Motion Offense: Dave Paulsen

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  • Implement each piece of the Ball Screen Motion offense
  • Teach your players how to properly set a screen and effectively read the defender, which results in either a mismatch, an open shot, or a lay-up
  • Conquer any ball screen defense that will be thrown at you

Coach Dave Paulsen shows every aspect of Bucknell's Ball Screen Motion Offense in its entirety.

With Coach Paulsen's unique gift as a teacher, he takes you into his video library to learn the basics by breaking down game footage of the offense in action. These clips are an important piece to gaining a full understanding of this exciting offense.

Coach then takes his players on the court and walks them through a detailed 5-on-0 shell covering every possible situation that may occur defensively against the Ball Screen Motion Offense. He covers the three main set-ups for the offense: Side, Spread and Alley. These sets will allow your team to attack the paint from multiple angles.

You'll see six different options after the screen that either lead to a score or set you up for another ball screen scenario. Not only does it give your team multiple ways to attack, but it will turn a set play into an extremely tough motion offense.

In a 5-on-5 setting, he lets you in on even more options based on how the opposing defense may try to stop you. These walk-throughs followed by quick peeks of the lessons in action give great insight into the simplicity of the offense, but also show how effective it can be.

This is an extraordinary complement to Coach Paulsen's All-Access Practice series. This DVD could easily stand on its own, but adding it to the All Access Practice provides a "complete guide" to the Ball Screen Motion Offense!

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63 minutes
Championship Productions (2012)

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