The 4-Out 1-In Spots Offense: Pat Clatchey

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Score from anywhere on the floor using Pat Clatchey's versatile 4-Out 1-In Spot Offense. Take the ball inside, score from the perimeter or take it to the rim!

  • Teach players how to play with great spacing and floor balance
  • Force your opponent to defend multiple actions
  • Put your players in position to read the defense and make decisions
  • Learn to counter intense defensive pressure

This 4-Out 1-In set incorporates 15-17 foot spacing, constant five man motion, post action, screening, and opportunities to drive to the hoop.

Coach Clatchey makes all five spots on the floor interchangeable and puts players in position to succeed regardless of their skill set. With three different ways to initiate the offense you will be sure to keep the defense off-balanced with this continuity style offense.

Spots Offense:
Clatchey demonstrates the offense in both 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 settings to breakdown each and every action used in his 4-Out, 1-in set. With the use of flex, UCLA, and Vegas screens you will force the defense to defend multiple actions and keep them guessing.

Breakdown Drills:
Each action of the Spots Offense is presented with five different breakdown drills to install the offense. In these drills the players work on setting screens, backdoor cuts, catching and shooting off of the pass, and work on passing and playing in the low-post.

Sets and Quick Hitters:
In this free flowing offense, Clatchey displays six sets and quick hitters that control where the shots are taken. With the use of staggered, flare, and ball screens--on top of the unpredictability of the offense--the options are endless. With all of the plays flowing back into the continuity of the offense, it allows your players the freedom to make decisions.

This DVD presents you with many concepts that will keep your offense from being stuck in a rut. Order this video and see why Pat Clatchey is one of the most recognized high school coaches in the country!

83 Minutes. 2011.

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