SportX® Spot Markers

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The SportX® Spot Markers are great to use when you need to demonstrate player placement in your offensive or defensive sets.

The SportX® Spot Markers top quality spot markers because of the following:

  1. They have a porous bottom to resist movement;
  2. The top surface is patterned to resist sticking to athletic shoe bottoms;
  3. They are designed in an x-shape so athletes seldom lose total contact with the floor when they are stepped on;
  4. They are only 1/8 inch thick, making it very difficult to trip an athlete;
  5. It is almost unnoticeable when ball dribbles over it;
  6. The players hardly notice them when stepped on;
  7. They are easy to put in place;
  8. They can be easily repositioned;
  9. They are very easy to clean court side (ten can be cleaned in less than 3 minutes);
  10. They can be thoroughly cleaned in a washing machine with cold water!

Ten (10) included in each set.

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1 Review

29th Jan 2013

They do the Job!

These floor spots work well. They stay on the floor and the kids do not slide on them. We do need to clean them regularly as the floors we use can get a bit dusty.

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