Sherri Coale: 5-Man Motion Offense with a Purpose

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In less than a decade Coach Sherri Coale has rebuilt the Sooner program, won three Big 12 regular season titles, two Big 12 Tournament crowns and averaged 24 wins a year the last six years. Her 2002 team advanced to the Women's Final Four. Coale is the only coach in conference history to go undefeated, 19-0, in league play.

Much of the Sooner's success is based on the strength of Motion Offense. In this DVD she unpacks the Motion Offense and reveals her passion for "letting her players play!" A lot of control is given up by the coaches who teach motion but its advantages are many. Motion is impossible to scout, produces good shots and team balance.

Coale's three goals are to get the best shot possible, minimize turnovers and force all five defenders to guard your motion. The basket cut is the foundation of motion offense as Coale demonstrates its many advantages. Pieces of motion offense are added slowly until the entire offense is employed. The down screen is a great screening tool in the motion. Teaching points include "walk and wait," "shoulder to shoulder" and "catch ready to score." Cuts taught are curl, flare and using back screens. Coale shares key teaching methods to get post players involved in the offense.

This presentation on motion offense applies to basketball at all levels and has proven effective at the highest level. Motion offense gives accountability to players and flexibility to coaches. Any team can benefit from the instruction in this DVD by becoming hard to guard on offense.

70 minutes. 2006.

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