Sean Miller's Father and Son Basketball Workout

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  • Learn skill development drills that will help any youth player make the most of his or her talent
  • Build foundational skills for ball handling and the jump shot
  • Learn how to teach young players the basic principles of man-to-man defense and off-the-ball defense
  • Help your young player learn to score in a variety of ways from the perimeter and the post

Sean Miller's father taught him the game of basketball and now Miller is teaching his boys this great game. Now you can get an inside look into how this basketball family passes on the essential skills and drills to the next generation.

In this great on-court instructional video Sean Miller teaches his sons how to develop better ball-handling skills. With two-ball dribbling drills the kids go through the same challenging workout that the Arizona Wildcat Guards go through. While difficult at first this workout will eventually help the younger ball-players become significantly better dribblers, especially with their weak hand.

Passing is sometimes the forgotten concept to practice when working on individual skills. Coach Miller shows how an individual can use a wall to work on this vital part of the game. Through the use of the wall Coach runs his kids through a set of passing drills that work on the chest, bounce and overhead pass. A special pass, the wrist roll pass, is also introduced. Passing into the post is sometimes hard to practice without a post player, however Coach Miller is able to work on the fundamentals of this important concepts as well.

The least forgotten part of working out is also covered, shooting. This set of drills directly mirrors the workout Coach Miller puts his college players through. While this seemingly could be too difficult for a younger player, nothing could be more wrong. This workout is based on proper fundamentals starting with the base of the shooter. Miller focuses on footwork so his players stay consistent and are always balanced before they release the ball.

Following the shooting portion of this video, coach works on "Step bys." Learning to attack the defender with one long dribble without dribbling is a key to having success as a young player. These step bys help the younger players develop proper footwork to avoid travels and yet still be dangerous on their attacks.

One of the most useful areas covered in this DVD presentation is the focus on attacking pressure. Many youth teams and players can disrupt the offense by applying pressure on the ball and in the full court. First he teaches his kids how to clear space and get open when the defender is denying them the ball. Then gets them square and balanced as they face the defender. With either a weakside or strongside attack they learn to attack the pressure. Using a glide dribble the players create space with their dribble and then are able to keep the defensive player off balance. Developing the Triple threat is also covered as well as making moves on the move.

Coach leaves nothing out in this great DVD as he addresses both fundamental defensive concepts and teaching younger players how to use post play to their advantage. He finishes the workout with showing the boys how to use screens effectively. By teaching them these concepts his sons will be ready for real game action.

Throughout the DVD the instruction is simple yet direct and informative. By coaching both of his sons Miller shows how development of a 6th grader and a 9th grader varies very little. You also get a terrific look at the potential development through the years as the 9th graders skills are quite complete. These workouts are a must if you want to help your son or daughter develop into a fundamentally sound ball player.

Steal a great set of workouts from a college coach working with his own two sons by using the tools taught in this DVD.

109 minutes. 2014.

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