Ray Lokar's Fundamentals Factory for Youth Basketball

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  • An extensive collection of drills, exercises, life lessons, coaching points, team building tips and more
  • Get age appropriate, progression-based skill instruction
  • Fresh and innovative concepts that will help improve every practice session

Ray Lokar presents his "Fundamentals Factory": a place where developing basketball players go to build their game in a competitive, fun environment!

Coach Lok simplifies the fundamentals of basketball, highlights the key points, and leads the demonstration of fun and effective drills, competitive contests, and short-sided games to benefit any youth basketball team. Prepare to encounter fresh and innovative concepts and insightful teaching points from a basketball coaching veteran that will help you improve all of your players, on both sides of the ball, in all areas.

Learn about:

  • The "Golden Triangle"
  • The ball-man-line
  • Why you need "your feet to your responsibility"
  • Unique thoughts on shooting
  • Why it's OK to sprint/slide on defense
  • Lokar's 5-Out Spots Offense

Pay special attention to Coach Lok's coaching style - giving receivable feedback and making corrections in a constructive, positive way and get his "5-Steps to Being a Better Player - RIGHT NOW!"

Fundamentals Factory for Youth Basketball is an amazing series of teaching points, drills, exercises, life lessons, coaching tips, team building and more. Coach Lok is terrific in his approach; he works with a group of young kids--most of whom have never worked with him before--and transforms them over the duration of this DVD, into a team-like unit capable of great potential.

A great DVD for every youth basketball coach and youth basketball program director!

"Ray Lokar is a fantastic Double-Goal coach - he wins on the scoreboard while using sports to teach life lessons to his players. Ray Lokar knows a lot about coaching basketball. Every time I talk to Ray I learn something new about coaching . so I know you're going to enjoy this DVD and learn a lot from it!"
Jim Thompson - Founder and Executive Director, Positive Coaching Alliance

2 DVDs. 2010.

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