Pete Newell's Playing Big

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Learn the finer points of post play with "Pete Newell's Playing Big." Featuring key techniques, teaching points, and drills for playing in and around the paint, this book and DVD gives insight into the skills of basketball's top players while giving you the best skill instruction for all levels to develop the modern multidimensional player.

Pete Newell’s Playing Big offers a rare opportunity to learn from a basketball coach who has taught Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Bill Walton the finer points of post play and added new inside dimensions to the perimeter games of Shawn Marion, James Worthy, and Scottie Pippen. With this book and DVD, Pete Newell and Swen Nater show how you too can learn and apply the tactics and techniques from the world’s foremost expert on playing big and dominating the inside game.

Every champion in basketball history has been able to score and defend in and around the paint. Pete Newell recognized the importance of post play early in his career, and then he used his techniques to coach teams to an NCAA championship, an NIT title, and an Olympic gold medal. His superb teaching skills resulted in players and coaches throughout the world who sought Newell’s insights and the creation of his Big Man Camp and Tall Women’s Camp. 

Newell’s camps, at which Swen Nater is also an instructor, have become the gold standard of post play instruction and, until now, have been reserved for elite players. With Pete Newell’s Playing Big, tap into the legendary coach’s exclusive knowledge, and take your team to new heights.

Chapter 1. Post Play Today 
Chapter 2. Balance
Chapter 3. Footwork
Chapter 4. Quick Maneuvers 
Chapter 5. Moves to Get Open
Chapter 6. Receiving the Ball
Chapter 7. Wing Moves
Chapter 8. Mid-Range and In-Lane Shots
Chapter 9. Inside Moves
Chapter 10. Screening
Chapter 11. Two- and Three-Player Plays
Chapter 12. Post Play for All Positions
Chapter 13. Rebounding
Chapter 14. Defense
Chapter 15. Instruction and Development

Pete Newell’s Playing the Post (DVD)
  • Footwork and Getting Open
  • Ball Skills
  • Shooting and Scoring
  • Screens and Plays
  • Rebounding and Defending
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