Pat Summitt's Defensive Scouting Report

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Coach Pat Summitt offers a unique look at pre-game preparation during a practice session with the Lady Vols.

This presentation begins with offensive breakdown drills early in the practice. A variety of shots will be taken during several shooting drills.

Defending the dribble drive is crucial for good man-to-man defense. Summitt feels this is the most difficult thing in team defense. This segment of practice includes many different drills. These drills include the close out, one-on-one defense, 2-on-2 defense, 3-on-3 defense, defensive rotation, turn defense and keeping out of middle. To emphasize the importance of defense, Summitt always makes a goal for the defenders in practice drills. Three consecutive box outs and defensive stops are the goal for the defensive half court drill.

Shelling offensive sets come next in the practice plan. This will give coaches the opportunity to teach sets as they play. Added to this drill is defensive transition after a shot is taken 5-0. The next step is to play 5-on-5 with defensive transition. Putting things together, the next segment is scrimmaging against the zone defense. The workout ends with a shooting drill mixed with conditioning.

Game footage shows Summitt's team executing the defensive game plan.

59 minutes. 2008.

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