On Point: Four Steps to Better Life Teams: Del Harris

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Practical and Spiritual Principles for Better Life Teams!

We are inevitably on various Life Teams throughout our lives -- family, school, business, church and community, to name the most basic. Whether we are the de facto team leader or a role player, each of us would like our Life Teams to be winning ones. The Four-Step System, described as a metaphor based on four wheels, is intended for all who desire to improve their Influence Quotient, which is a specific kind of intelligence: the ability to influence our teams for a positive outcome. 

This approach is different from the usual leadership mandates set out in so many books. We cannot all be leaders all the time, which would negate the concept of a team. But we do need to be good influences on others. The emphasis should be on acknowledging the value of every teammate's role while helping them prepare for times when they will need to step to the front to influence an outcome.

Mastering the elements in the wheels of the Four Step System provides momentum and enables you to be On Point; regardless of what role you play. The end game is to improve the performance of our Life-Teams by cultivating meaningful relationships, which are far more rewarding than rings or trophies!

Former NBA Coach of the Year 
Del Harris is a legendary basketball coach, who has been associated with seven NBA teams over a thirty-seven year period. He served as head coach of the Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers, where he was NBA Coach of the Year in 1995. He became the 19th NBA coach to earn 500 wins while with the Lakers. He has a varied background, having coached with five different countries' national teams; is an ordained minister and a member of SAG. He is currently General Manager for the Texas Legends of the NBA Development League, the Mavericks' affiliate.

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180 pages
Advantage Media Group (2012)

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