March Madness Specials

We're having our own March Madness here at Hoops U!!

Each day from March 16 - April 4, we will have a special deal on one single product. Each and every special will be between 10-50% off the regular price. See below for what item will be available on what day.

You can also follow #HoopsUMarchMadness on social media to stay informed and get immediate notifications.

Also, along with the daily deals, we are offering the following during our March Madness:

  1. FREE shipping on all orders over $99.
    (Please note this excludes international orders and freight-on-board orders)
  2. 25% off your membership to the Hoops U. Basketball Coaching Academy at This is good for 1 month or 1 year, depending on your membership choice (obviously the best deal here is joining for 1 full year)
    Join throughout March Madness at
    Use Coupon Code madness17 during checkout

If you have any questions, contact us.

Now, here are the daily #HoopsUMarchMadness deals:

March 16 - The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program eBook (50% off!)

March 17 - Basketball Notebook

March 18 - Jim Boeheim 2-3 Zone Defense Video Download (50% off)

March 19 - Basketball: My Journey

March 20 - KBA Playmaker Basketball Markerboard

March 21 - Pro-Down Blocking Shield

March 22 - KBA Basketball Rebound Dome

March 23 - Leather Heavy Trainer Basketball

March 24 - Sport X Spot Markers

March 25 - 2013 Hoops U. Academy 2-DVD Set

March 26 - KBA Big Ball Oversize Basketball

March 27 - Mentally Tough Shooting Workout eBook (50% off)

March 28 - Deluxe 15 Basketball Ball Rack

March 29 - Pro-Down Forearm Shiver Pad

March 30 - Modified Amoeba Defense Video Download: Jerry Tarkanian (50% off!)

March 31 - KBA No-Bounce Basketball

April 1 - Basketball Scouting Report Notebook

April 2 - MacGregor Heavy Basketball

April 3 - 75 Minute Jr. High Practice Plan: Jerry Petitgoue

April 4 - Custom Basketball Coaches Dry-Erase Markerboard

Enjoy ... and Happy March Madness!

And remember, when you join, be sure to use coupon code madness17 during checkout to join at 25% off the regular price.