Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball Developmental Drills for Post Players

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  • Learn post player workouts with the National Association of Basketball Coaches Coach of the Decade, Mike Krzyzewski
  • Individual drills to develop great basketball posts
  • Series of drills to enhance post players' basketball abilities to the max

For the past 25 years, Duke has been known for some of the toughest post players in the country - they have all studied and practiced the developmental drills presented in this excellent production. The stronger the interior, the stronger your entire defense will be!

Coach Krzyzewski provides the overview and background for each section and Duke assistant coach Steve Wojciechowski teaches the drills and techniques on the court. Wojciechowski begins the post player workout with an active warm-up -- the warm-up is an opportunity to get loose while working on ball handling, passing, and short jumpers. Wojciechowski goes over a series of drills designed to enhance your post players' abilities "to the max," including: half-court snap shots of interior defense, drop step, jump hooks, screens, and other shooting drills.

Throughout the entire production, you will receive insight into how Duke develops ball denial in the post, developing "rebounding machines," low post moves, extended post moves, and screening (on the wing, high post, and baseline). Also clearly explained are the techniques and strategies to help pivot players grow in skill and ability, with special emphasis on foot skills.

In order to have a great defensive team, you must have great interior defenders -- this is the workout your team needs!

43 minutes. 2005.

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