Mike Krzyzewski: Duke Basketball Breaking the Press

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  • Learn how to break any press on your basketball team from the National Association of Basketball Coaches Coach of the Decade, Mike Krzyzewski
  • Basketball drills for beating any press
  • Numerous tips and insights to all your team to enter the offense quicker and create scoring opportunities without generating turnovers

More and more teams are using half-court, three-quarter court and full-court zone presses to disrupt their opponents' continuity and produce turnovers. With this in mind, Coach K takes the court at Cameron Indoor Stadium to share his effective press break drills and his revered coaching philosophy. (Examples: . "players need to acquire the basic skill of catching the ball by meeting the pass" . "most teams need to cut down on the dribbling . use passing to advance the ball quicker!").

Coach Krzyzewski guides you through a series of effective drills used to break the 2-1-2 half-court press, 1-3-1 half-court press, 2-2-1 three-quarter court press and the 1-2-1-1 full-court press. These drills are designed to allow your team to enter its offense or create quick scoring opportunities without generating turnovers. Krzyzewski provides numerous tips and insights for breaking presses, including: how to inbound the ball against a full-court press, how to keep it away from the sideline, how to move the ball past half-court and how to create easy scoring opportunities. These offensive drills have played a role in Coach Krzyzewski-coached teams at Duke averaging 25 wins a season.

Using Coach K's press breaking system, you will prepare your team to take advantage of any press and expose your opponents' weaknesses.

44 minutes. 2005.

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