Michael Lang: Daily Drills to Improve Team Rebounding

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Gain extra possessions and high percentage shots by building an aggressive rebounding mentality

  • Teach smaller players how to compete with and block out bigger players
  • Train your players to finish their put-back through contact
  • Learn how to outlet the ball more quickly, run the floor and score with a variety of finishes
with Michael Lang, former Assistant Coach Urban Prep/Englewood High School (IL)

Winning the rebounding battle is one of the key components to consistent success on game day. Michael Lang believes that success comes with practicing the right habits each and every day. In this on-court presentation, he demonstrates the rebounding keys and practice drills he uses every day to help his teams dominate the boards.

Keys to Rebounding

Coach Lang begins the presentation with his five keys to rebounding. Understanding these rebounding essentials will put your players in the best position to excel on the boards. The first, and possibly the most important, is "Your Will vs. My Will." This idea of players having an overriding belief that they CAN and WILL get a rebound is the foundation great rebounders build upon. The other keys follow and are important to the success of teams that own the glass.

Rebounding Drills

You will learn daily drills that will teach your players the technique and physical mindset needed to help you win the war on the boards. These drills are loaded with variations to develop rebounding skills and finishing at the rim.

  • Closeout, Box Out and Slap and Slide drills - helps improve box out technique for your entire team with quick repetitions.
  • Rebounds Game - players work on their rebounding in mismatch situations through live 3-on-3 competition.
  • Catch It, Chin It, Pivot Drill - a progressive drill to improve finishes at the rim through contact.
  • The War and Two vs. One drills - perfect for finding out who your tough players are. These drills will get your players to aggressively make contact with the opponent and box out on balance.
  • Total Workout Rebound Drill - with five different variations of this drill, your players will improve their outlets, advance passes up the court in transition, and find different ways for your posts to score on the fast break.

Coach Lang's drills are fundamental in nature, fun and challenging for athletes. If you want to make an immediate improvement with your team, focusing on rebounding is a great place to start. This video will help coaches of all levels train their players to become more tenacious rebounders.

Produced at the Spring 2015 Overland Park (KS) Clinic.

66 minutes. 2015.

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