Kevin Boyle: Running a Competitive High School Practice

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  • Run practice like it's a live game situation
  • Improve passing, ball handling and defensive skills
  • Learn a simple motion offense with seven plays to score inside or out
  • Kevin Boyle: 2007 USA Today National High School Coach of the Year

Run a high-energy practice from start to finish.

Kevin Boyle demonstrates a complete review of the fundamentals, drills and techniques involved in effectively implementing a competitive high school practice.

Boyle's practice contains six main areas:

  • Full Court Transition Passing Drills
  • Full Court Transition Dribbling Drills
  • Defensive Shell
  • Defensive Breakdown Drills
  • Motion Offense Breakdown Drills
  • Motion Offense Sets

Get your practice off to a fast-paced start with Coach Boyle's six fundamental full-court passing drills. Execute the fastbreak with game-like scenarios and condition your players using a ball.

Boyle demonstrates eight drills to fine-tune dribbling skills in the fastbreak. Improve ball handling at full speed, develop the cross over dribble and slide technique, learn to catch and freeze and more!

Boyle's defensive shell drills and man-to-man breakdown drills emphasize the "help and recover" technique, jumping to the ball, guarding the inside cut and ball denial.

As a bonus, Boyle includes his basic rules for his motion offense. This simple motion offense starts in a 4-out set, where he shows scoring options such as screen and slips, dribble-outs, and back door cuts against pressure defense. He concludes with four motion set plays to get the ball inside to post players and three plays to create an open jumper.

Get your plays working to same effectiveness no matter what the defense throws at you.

76 minutes. 2009.

Produced at the Fall 2009 St. Louis, MO clinic.

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