KBA Playmaker Basketball Marker Board

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Show a play ... erase it away!

The KBA Playmaker Basketball Marker Board has a basketball court permanently screened on a white erasable surface. The dry erase clipboard is made of a durable plastic and comes with a dry erase pen/Velcro eraser that attaches to the the clip for your convenience.

The clip side features the basketball court in black lines and your choice of clip color. The back side of the board is plain.

You also have your choice of court diagram such as full court, half court with line up, international full court, NCAA full court, and NBA full court.

Available in sizes 9" x 15.5" and 12" x 18"

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1 Review

John 31st Jan 2014

Good Product

I have been coaching for 26 years. Very durable product. Excellent design and size. Easy for the players to see during timeouts. Good strong velcro to hold the marker.

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