KBA Heavy Trainer Basketball

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KBA Heavy Trainer Basketballs are official regulation size basketballs, but weigh approximately 1-1/2 times the weight of an official basketball.  The weight of the KBA Heavy Trainer Basketball is 40 ounces.

Made of heavy construction material with a pebbled rubber cover to offer a good grip and feel, the KBA Heavy Trainer Basketball looks and handles like a regulation basketball.

The KBA Heavy Trainer Basketball helps develop hand strength, arm strength, and overall upper body power because you pass and catch it, dribble it, shoot it, and rebound it! It will even develop team play because you can use the heavy ball in scrimmages! Develop and improve your basic basketball fundamentals by using the KBA Heavy Trainer Basketball in actual practice!

If you want to have stronger, more sure players and you believe in any form of weight training, you believe in this training basketball!

Available in official men's and women's sizes.

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