John Wooden's UCLA Offense

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Gain insights on each facet of offensive play, the fundamentals for success, and the strategic nuances that result in consistent, precise execution with John Wooden’s UCLA Offense. Presenting an inside look at the impossible-to-defend offense, this book and DVD will give you the chance to score big and see your team rise to new offensive heights.

John Wooden’s legacy as the best basketball coach of all time results not only from his unparalleled championship-winning record but also from his brilliance as a tactician and teacher. In John Wooden’s UCLA Offense, Coach Wooden reconfirms his instructional genius in an unprecedented inside look at the offensive system that made his teams impossible to defend, including many never-before-published play options and insights. 

This richly detailed book and DVD presentation features the famous high-post and high-low attacks, many special play options, sideline and under-the-basket in-bound plays, and press-breaking tactics. This package gives you much more than just the standard Xs and Os. You’ll gain insights on each facet of offensive play, the fundamentals for success as an individual and team on the offensive end, and the strategic nuances and teaching points that result in consistent, precise execution.

Featuring principles used in today’s popular motion and triangle offenses, John Wooden’s UCLA Offense is still as potent and unstoppable today as it was during the Bruins’ dynasty years. Whether you wish to add only certain options and plays, or want to incorporate the entire package into your offensive arsenal, every facet and step in the process is provided. Score big with this special chance to learn the game from a legend, and see your team’s offensive productivity rise to new heights.


PART I The Foundation

Chapter 1 Origin of the Offense
Chapter 2 Principles for Offensive Success

PART II High-Post Offense

Chapter 3 Guard to Guard to Center
Chapter 4 Guard to Guard to Forward: Outside Cut
Chapter 5 Guard to Guard to Forward: UCLA Cut

PART III High-Low Offense

Chapter 6 High-Low: Guard to High Post 
Chapter 7 High-Low: Guard to Wing 

PART IV Solutions to Pressure Defense

Chapter 8 Half-Court Pressure Release
Chapter 9 Three-Quarter-Court Press Attack
Chapter 10 Full-Court Press Attack

PART V Special Plays and Options 

Chapter 11 Special Half-Court Plays 
Chapter 12 Out-of-Bounds Plays

PART VI Techniques, Tactics, and Team Play
Chapter 13 Fundamentals and Drills
Chapter 14 Game Preparation and Adjustments
Chapter 15 Teamwork

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240 pages
Human Kinetics (2006)

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