Joanne McCallie: 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone Defense

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Attack from all areas on the court!

  • Create an attack mind set
  • Match your defense with your team's personality
  • Make the opponent work hard to prepare for you

Join Duke Women's Basketball Coach Joanne P. McCallie as she leads you through principles and responsibilities of the 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone Defense. Coach McCallie's on-court demonstration includes pass rules, dribble rules, rules vs. cutters, rules vs. a two-guard front, rules vs. the Pick and Pop and rules against two high posts for both of these attacking defenses.

Coach McCallie opens by explaining the four principles that your defensive scheme must follow if you want to be successful. Breaking down the 1-2-2 Match-Up, McCallie emphasizes that you must disrupt the ball, eliminate passing lanes and place pressure on the offense.

In addition to explaining these principles, McCallie demonstrates on the court where defenders must be in each situation. McCallie finishes out by providing two pressing drills that you can use to help your team build the pressure on your opponent to force turnovers and bad shots.

With this video you will be able to create a tough defense that will keep opponents guessing and change the tempo of the game.

66 minutes. 2009.

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