Jim Boone's Pressure Pack Line Defense from the 2013 Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy

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Coach Jim Boone is currently the head coach of the Delta State University Statesman men's basketball program. Boone (438-328), a native of Winfield, W.V., brings 27 years of collegiate coaching experience to Delta State, including stops at the NCAA Division I and II levels. His career record speaks to his success on the hardwood, but his real niche has been at the NCAA DII level where he has posted a blistering 338-166 mark as a head coach.

As an expert on the Pack Line Defense, Coach Boone shares his in-depth knowledge of this fundamental man-to-man defense. Coach Boone begins his presentation by sharing bits of coaching nuggets that he has learned throughout the years of coaching ... nuggets of wisdom that will make you a more successful coach! He progresses into explaining his 7 'rules' that you must incorporate into your team defense.

Coach Boone moves into his Pressure Pack Line Defense by sharing the 3 key thoughts in order to understand and play this style of defense. With on-court demonstrations, Coach Boone teaches how to effectively pressure the basketball, how this defense offers help-side defense, and how with the Pack Line you can influence the types of shots you want your opponent to take.

Coach shares other important defensive concepts and ideas throughout the demonstrations and finishes by answering questions from the audience. He answers with additional how-to demonstrations and drills you can use to improve your team defense.

This presentation will give you a basis for building and having a shutdown man-to-man defense!

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Hoops U. (2013)

1 Review

Aaron 1st Dec 2013


Great to watch and read this defensive insight...especially at the beginning of the season. We all think we know defensive principles pretty well...well this will rattle your cage and get you pumped to bring it to your team this sea on...I loved it

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