Jim Boeheim's Complete Guide to the 2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense

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  • Learn everything there is to know about the 2-3 Match-up Zone defense for your basketball team
  • Contains easy-to-teach 2-3 zone defense principles.
  • Force your opponents to beat you from the perimeter.
  • Learn to trap and pressure with an aggressive 2-3 zone defense!

For the first time ever available on video, Jim Boeheim's Complete Guide to the 2-3 Match-up Zone Defense outlines the responsibilities, rotations, and reads for each player with marker board diagrams and then supported by on-court demonstration and game footage. The proper defensive slides are demonstrated against both odd and even front zone offenses. He then details key concepts such as scouting, trapping, communication, bump-down situations, controlling penetration, defending baseline running, protecting the 3-point line, releasing cutters, protecting the high post area, rebounding, and transition defense back in to the 2-3 match-up. This defense is perfect for changing the tempo of a game, creating turnovers, or simply accompanying a basic man to man.

57 minutes. 2003.

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