Grassroots Basketball Series 5-Pack DVD: Ganon Baker & Boo Williams

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Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Ball Handling [Purchase Individually]

"Basketball Evangelist," Ganon Baker, takes his message and passion all over the world. His energy is dedicated to developing basketball skills in young men and women. Baker and Williams teach drills in three segments, starting with form and advancing to speed and contact. As players work on form, they are encouraged to expand their game by moving out of their comfort zone. Improvement is based on the mistakes that come from pushing your game beyond comfortable limits. All of the teaching in this DVD will make kids confident and comfortable with the ball so that the ball becomes an extension of their hand. Good ball handling is the foundation of a players' developing game. The Form Series encompasses 24 stationary drills including ball wraps, triangle, knife, pound dribbles, WNBA dribble moves, wall and tennis ball drills. Next, ball handling is put into action in the Drive segment. Two partner drills are demonstrated that teach players to get close to defenders before making contact and driving by. The "body dribble" is illustrated as the key to dribbling past defenders and is incorporated into many of the drills. The action extends to the full court in the Jordan Maze drill and the "tip drill." These drills are applicable to all coaches and use cones on the floor to guide the dribbler. The Circle drill is a unique drill that focuses on dribbling and one-on-one play. All of the drills in this DVD will help players become better scorers by getting by the defense and putting pressure on the defense. This exceptional DVD makes a huge statement about building a foundation, which starts with handling the ball and will help build individual and team ball handling skills, teamwork and communication.

66 minutes. 2006.

Grassroots Basketball: Intense Shooting Drills at Game Speed [Purchase Individually]

Ganon Baker has done it again with a breakthrough shooting workout that has it all. Footwork, shooting mechanics, teaching points and drills are on display in this intense one-hour workout. On this DVD, Baker instructs youth-team players on "the lost art of shooting." Players learn how to find shots in four ways: Catch & Shoot, Shoot on the move, Dribble & Shoot and Shoot off the fake. Average players can become offensive threats by working on these four facets of shooting. Because many players waste practice time with half-hearted shots, this DVD preaches players to "practice game shots at game spots at game speed." The workout shows how the serious player can use practice time to improve his shooting and scoring ability daily. Shooting mechanics depend on "perfect feet" by pointing 10 toes to the rim. A quick "one motion" shot is demonstrated that will help players shoot quicker and straighter. Jump shot basics are covered with six superior drills, including the demanding five spot shooting drill. An underrated aspect of the game is shot faking. When the fake is short, quick and balanced, the defender becomes the victim. The Iverson Jab and the Kobe Jab are taught and used in these drills. Shooting on the move is illustrated with the Iceland drill, a new version of the elbow to elbow shooting drill. The Downscreen, L-cut, and America's play drills teach players to play without the ball and create good shots. Conditioning plays a part in Baker's drills as seen in the Intensity Jumper chair drill and the cone drill. By incorporating multiple aspects of proper shooting, players execute combo drills to refine their skills. The workout concludes with seven shooting drills that test player's skills and intensity. The Australian 3-man 2-ball shooting drill, X-out drill, Tip & shoot, Close Out 1-on-1 drill, Chaser, and the Eastman Baseline touch drill will push players out of their comfort zones. This DVD is a value to players and coaches because of the creativity and intensity required for each drill. Players will also develop multiple ways to get open, shoot, and score. A great approach to shooting that will push the individual to improve and the team to excel.

58 minutes. 2006

Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Moving without the Ball [Purchase Individually]

Nike basketball training specialist Ganon Baker puts cutting and moving without the ball on display. Using Boo Williams' AAU team as demonstrators, Baker helps players develop footwork and speed through intense drills. The fundamentals of cutting and getting open are crucial to young players as well as more experienced players. Warm-up drills shown include: High knees, Crazy Legs, Line Touches with the "fire walk", X's, Jabs and running in place. Heavy emphasis is put on the use of jump ropes for warm-up, strength, and conditioning. Boo Williams stresses the importance of jump rope to develop foot quickness and the ability to get open. The give-and-go series is an excellent segment that adds receiving the ball to cutting. The Hornet drill emphasizes vision on the ball and showing the target hand. Drills included are "door," dance steps and "fake the go" and all put fundamental teaching into practical drills. Because of the trend toward pressure defense, the back door remains one of the game's biggest tools. The athletic cut, L-cut and inside cut are three types of cuts that are demonstrated. All three cuts are useful and unpredictable weapons on the offensive end of the floor. This DVD concludes with Eastman's baseline touch drill, stop cut, 3-on-0 give-and-go, and "Keep away" drill. Keep away puts all teaching points together in an energetic drill that awards points to both the defense and the offense. The serious player and coach can benefit from cutting and moving without the ball. This presentation focuses on taking advantage of the defense, which will allow your team to score more points and add creativity to your practices.

65 minutes. 2006.

Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Passing [Purchase Individually]

Ganon Baker tackles another basketball building block with this excellent DVD on passing. The lost art of passing is introduced, broken down and drilled throughout the presentation. With the help of Boo Williams and his Youth AAU team, Baker puts the skills and fundamentals of passing on display. Without solid fundamentals, players are at a disadvantage in today's competitive arena. Once a player learns skills, the key is repetition and a desire to reach your potential as a basketball player. A total of 21 drills are explained and demonstrated. Drills are suitable for the individual, partners and teams, and progress from stationary work to full court competitive drills. To progressively learn passing technique and skill, Baker emphasizes form, speed and contact. Players should concentrate on good form to ensure rapid skill improvement. The Sweep series is the backbone of passing proficiency, teaching players to pass around the defense without turnovers. Two ball partner passing, "triple pivot," "Don't Walk" and the Russian passing drill are crucial for proper player development. Aggressive defensive play helps players improve in the Door drill, and the "Live" Door" drill. Players are pushed in intense half- and full-court drills emphasizing 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 game like situations. To teach toughness and playmaking, Baker illustrates the Penetrate and Kick drill, Single exchange, 4 square pivot and Keep Away drills. Players and coaches who utilize these drills cover all elements of passing in game situations. With repetition and attention to detail, this DVD can open the way for great strides and improvement in passing and ball skills.

107 minutes. 2006.

Grassroots Basketball: Finishing School [Purchase Individually]

Ganon Baker proves once again that scoring is the name of the game, and he shows you exactly how. Baker uses an incredible teaching method called "Dance Steps," which helps players develop the skills of finishing from the very beginning. An important feature of Baker's six teaching points is to start low, finish high and shoot in one motion. Baker focuses on the lay-up and breaks down the move like never before. Because the lay-up looks easier than it is to make, these drills and teaching points are invaluable to any player or coach. Lay-ups are taught in a one-two step fashion as well as from the two-footed jump stop. Several "no ball" drills also provide excellent opportunities for young players to learn. In the Open Lay-Up series players are instructed to execute a one-step shot. Players are encouraged to "Jump Hard" and to "fire your feet to the rim!" The difficult reverse lay-up is simplified by using the one-two step concept. Once footwork is in place, difficult reverse lay-ups can be easily mastered. The Iverson lay-up and the NBA series are illustrated and executed. Cones are effectively used in drills to assure proper angles to the basket. Also featured are finishing moves from the post - including the drop step, turnaround jumper, hook shot and the up-and-under move. Like pitchers in baseball, post players must develop more than one shot. Players learn how to effectively use the 2nd and 3rd pivot to slide by the defense for scoring opportunities. To test new skills, several one-on-one drills provide valuable chances for players to score baskets. Baker says "coaches give players the notes, then they have to take the test." Creative drills such as the Iverson one-on-one drill and the B-Line drill add intense competition to the workout. A favorite drill is the Trailblazer drill, which awards points to the offensive player for driving to the paint and scoring. "Finishing School" is education that all good players must gain. Use this DVD to increase your scoring ability and variety of moves around the basket. By taking advantage of these skills and drills, you can become the offensive threat that you've always wanted to be!

90 minutes. 2006.

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