Grassroots Basketball: Intense Shooting Drills at Game Speed: Ganon Baker & Boo Williams

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Ganon Baker has done it again with a breakthrough shooting workout that has it all. Footwork, shooting mechanics, teaching points and drills are on display in this intense one-hour workout.

On this DVD, Baker instructs youth-team players on "the lost art of shooting." Players learn how to find shots in four ways: Catch & Shoot, Shoot on the move, Dribble & Shoot and Shoot off the fake. Average players can become offensive threats by working on these four facets of shooting. Because many players waste practice time with half-hearted shots, this DVD preaches players to "practice game shots at game spots at game speed."

The workout shows how the serious player can use practice time to improve his shooting and scoring ability daily. Shooting mechanics depend on "perfect feet" by pointing 10 toes to the rim. A quick "one motion" shot is demonstrated that will help players shoot quicker and straighter. Jump shot basics are covered with six superior drills, including the demanding five spot shooting drill. An underrated aspect of the game is shot faking. When the fake is short, quick and balanced, the defender becomes the victim. The Iverson Jab and the Kobe Jab are taught and used in these drills. Shooting on the move is illustrated with the Iceland drill, a new version of the elbow to elbow shooting drill. The Downscreen, L-cut, and America's play drills teach players to play without the ball and create good shots. Conditioning plays a part in Baker's drills as seen in the Intensity Jumper chair drill and the cone drill. By incorporating multiple aspects of proper shooting, players execute combo drills to refine their skills.

The workout concludes with seven shooting drills that test player's skills and intensity. The Australian 3-man 2-ball shooting drill, X-out drill, Tip & shoot, Close Out 1-on-1 drill, Chaser, and the Eastman Baseline touch drill will push players out of their comfort zones.

This DVD is a value to players and coaches because of the creativity and intensity required for each drill. Players will also develop multiple ways to get open, shoot, and score. A great approach to shooting that will push the individual to improve and the team to excel.

58 minutes. 2006

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