Flex for Success: Mark Few

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Coach Mark Few, who has won more games than any 3-year coach in NCAA history, gives a detailed look at Gonzaga's highly successful flex offense.

In the first part of the tape, Coach Few demonstrates over 10 breakdown drills they use to teach the offense and to work on specific shots that come within the framework of the offense. These 2,3,4 and 5-man drills include basket cuts, pop outs, flares, curls and back cuts. In addition he shows ways to improve communication, reading defenses and footwork. The second part of the tape covers how they run the flex and the counters they use to combat how the defense is playing them. Included in this segment of counters is what they do against switching defenses and also a variation they use if they have a dominant inside scorer.

Everything you need to incorporate this high scoring offense is included!

47 minutes. 2002.

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