Fistitude: Five Lessons For Leading Any Team to Success: Sean Glaze

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The men’s basketball team from a small private high school finds itself struggling through a dreary season, when their coach is called away to attend to a family member’s illness.

Enter a wise and mysterious janitor, who not only accepts the reins of leadership for the team during that absence, but soon becomes a mentor to the team, especially to a talented young man named Matthew who is essentially raising himself after he and his father moved into town following the loss of his mother.

Through a series of five lessons woven into the frustrations and excitement of the season, the janitor offers lessons that correspond to each finger in a fist, and helps the team to accomplish their goals and become leaders themselves.


About the Author:
Leaders interested in improving their team’s performance will appreciate the tools and insights that Sean’s experience and research provides. For nearly 20 years, Sean has consistently turned under-achievers into winners – both on and off the court – with his practical tools that focus on cohesiveness and communication. It is those many valuable learning experiences he draws from to help others successfully navigate their own journey in leading teams. He has authored dozens of articles and is the author of Fistitude – Five Lessons for leading Any Team to Success. As the founder of, Sean provides fun and impactful teambuilding events and speaking engagements. He is passionate about helping organizations improve their communication, morale, and productivity, by encouraging their focus on the traits that all great teams share.

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140 pages
CreateSpace (2011)

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