Duke Basketball Drills Series

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Bundle these 5 Duke Basketball coaching video's and save!!

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Duke Basketball: Creating a Championship Post Player (click to purchase separately)

  • Develop your post players' mobility and skills in and around the paint
  • Learn to use post player drills that mimic your team's offensive strategy
  • Teach simple scoring moves for low post players both on and off the block
  • Teach your post players how to effectively run different pick-and-rolls, pick-and-pops, and roll-and-replace

Duke assistant coach, Jeff Capel has created a post player workout that is packed with drills that develop skill and mobility. First, Coach Capel demonstrates offensive techniques that will teach your post players:

  • Jump hooks
  • Drop steps
  • Quick go (one dribble into a running hook)
  • Quick spin move
  • Reverse pivots into jumpers
  • Rip-and-drive

Each move is taught on both sides of the paint and to develop the use of either hand.

Create scoring chances from a variety of spots on the floor using a flash, duck-in, roll, pop and more. All of the shots in this post series are implemented into five intense shooting drills:

  • 4 Around 1 Breakdown Drill - A breakdown of shots and situations your posts will see in your offense.
  • 4 and 5 Shot Drill - These drills string together a series of shots that posts will regularly see in games.
  • Wing (wide action) and Angle Ball Screens (high action) - Improves the effectiveness of the 2-man game.
  • 5 Spot Skills (out of rips and off of offensive rebounds) - Forces post players to develop skills from the perimeter, which can be an uncomfortable location for them on the court.

With Duke Basketball's Creating a Championship Post Player, your post players will become unstoppable multi-skilled and mobile big men.

46 minutes. 2013.


Duke Basketball: Creating a Championship Guard (click to purchase separately)

Former Duke Player of the Year and current Duke assistant coach Steve Wojciechowski shows what it takes to be a great guard.

  • Build ball handling habits that incorporate creating space, vision, and pace
  • Learn defensive drills to develop quickness and intensify ball pressure
  • Develop point guards to become true floor generals and extensions of your coaching

One of the greatest guards to ever come out of Duke University brings you the formula for developing a complete point guard. Steve "Wojo" Wojciechowski is a master at developing great guards.

As a former point guard and NABC National Defensive Player of the year, he knows what it takes to be successful. In this on-court presentation, Wojo shares his best exercises to develop ball-handling skills, shooting, and defensive abilities.

Coach Wojciechowski details every aspect of a guard's game as he takes you through some of the drills Duke uses to train their guards within their offensive system. With each drill, he emphasizes small details that most player's overlook as they train for success.


Guards must be able to maintain control against pressure in order to facilitate the offense and maintain the ability to attack. Coach Wojciechowski demonstrates full court ball handling drills that will help you teach your players how to:

  • Always see the floor as their dribbling.
  • Push the pace when they want the game to speed up.
  • Slow the pace in order organize and command the offense.
  • Create space between themselves and their defenders.

Coach Wojciechowski speaks specifically about developing a relationship with your team's point guards to ensure you share the same vision. He outlines five qualities every point guard needs to have in order to better understand your philosophy, mentality, and vision for the team. Developing a true relationship of teaching and trust will allow your point guard to act as a natural extension of you.

The second part of this workout includes a "Game Shots Series" with a specific focus on making your players practice the shots they will get in a game. The series includes:

  • Power Layups
  • Running Hooks
  • Goofy Foot Layups
  • Giant Killers (tear drops)
  • Reverse Layups
  • 15ft Catch-and-Shoot
  • Post Feeds and Kick-Outs
  • Penetrate and Kick
  • Penetrate and Hesitation Dribble Move
  • Dribble Hand-Off


Coach Wojciechowski demonstrates and explains what defensive habits a point guard must have to lead their team. He demonstrates two dynamic defensive drills that will develop sound defensive habits, keep your guards in their stances, and develop the conditioning and technique necessary to maintain ball pressure.

What makes these workouts special is that Wojciechowski has combined teaching advanced skills with game-like intensity. Your players not only elevate their game, but also their conditioning. The skills that coach Wojciechowski acquired as a player are masterfully incorporated into this DVD that will help you turn your guards into stellar performers.

58 minutes. 2013.


Duke Basketball: Competitive Shooting Drills (click to purchase separately)

  • 10 competitive shooting drills that will keep your players constantly moving rather than standing and waiting for their next shot
  • Become a better shooter by working at game intensity for your game shots
  • Learn the Penetrate and Kick Series to teach proper spacing and instinctively move without the ball

Create effective shooters by training at game intensity with game shots instead of wasting time in the gym shooting meaningless shots.

Duke shooting sensation, Chris Collins, shares his knowledge of shooting in 10 competitive shooting drills that have helped make Duke one of the top shooting schools in the country. Coach Collins shows you how to maximize your time and space as he teaches you drills that will keep your players constantly moving and not standing waiting for their next shot.

Coach Collins breaks down shots for your post players, guards, and wings. Using Duke players as demonstrators, he shows you a post series to develop finishing moves around the rim. The goal in each drill is to simulate a defender taking up space in the paint as you practice different types of shots. Collins adds a shooting series drill to get your players loose and moving.

These drills are great for warming up before a game, before practice, or before your workouts.

Once your players are moving, you can get down to business with a Penetrate and Kick Series. With each drive, baseline, middle, or shallow; your players will learn how to play off of each other as they move around the perimeter looking for their shot. With Collins' Continuous Penetrate and Kick, your players will compete against the clock or each other to hit game shots at game intensity.

Next, you'll learn how out to effectively pass out of the post and relocate for a better shot. He demonstrates various types of actions your players can perform out of a post pass while relocating.

Once your players have mastered these techniques, Collins adds screening action with the posts and guards to simulate game-like movements. Teach your players how to play off of down screens, flare screens, baseline action, and how to post up guards to make them solid shooters from anywhere on the court.

Your players will love Collins' 5 Minute 3-Point Shooting. As they locate themselves around the perimeter, they will have to beat the clock with any number of three point makes you set for them. Your players will greatly improve their shooting consistency and effectiveness with this shooting series.

Your players will get a great conditioning workout from each competitive drill that Coach Collins has to share. They will get a lot of game shots at game spots with game intensity by competing against each other and against the clock - and that will pay dividends on game night.

64 minutes. 2013.


Duke Basketball: Quick Hitting Actions for Motion Offense (click to purchase separately)

  • Learn 10 proven quick-hitting actions you can use in your motion offense
  • Turn one initial read of the defense into ten options that have a total of over 50 scoring opportunities
  • Learn to customize these actions to fit your personnel and enhance your scoring opportunities

Through decades of being one of the top programs in the country, Duke's game has changed and developed multiple times, yet always with the same result: success. In this DVD, former Duke player and long-time assistant Chris Collins, takes to the court to teach you Duke's highly effective quick-hitting action set.

Actions are an elevated form of traditional play calling. They are fast-paced, short executions based on quick reads of the defense. In this DVD, Coach Collins takes one basic transition setup and-based on an initial read-turns it into over 50 different scoring opportunities.

These actions-with no pattern of passes or repetitive movements-do not provide the defense time to get set and predict your team's next step, because your team is already taking the open shot.

Each action set is based on the very first pass your point guard makes. From there, your team will have between four to six options to create a structured, yet flowing scoring opportunity. You will learn 10 sound, fundamentally strong movements that will improve your team's basketball play:

  • Attack the defense by passing ahead in transition with the "Wide" and "Corner" sets - These plays attack the defense before it has an opportunity to set up and offers support with help defenders.
  • Use a dribble entry to the wing to initiate "Exchange" and "Shallow" sets - These plays counter aggressive wing denial with hand-offs and ball screens to force the defense to scramble on the weak side.
  • Use the post players to counter defensive pressure in "Release" and "Flash" sets - When defenses overplay guards to raise pressure, they are also making themselves vulnerable to back cuts with the help of post flashes for a new passing option.
  • Create player and ball movement with "Through" and "Circle" sets - Movement is what will create passing and scoring opportunities. These sets prevent your team from standing around.
  • Force action on the weak side of the court with screens in the "Up" and "Down" sets - These sets occupy help defenders immediately and also encourage a quick ball reversal which increases scoring opportunities.

Due to the variety and options in these actions, you will be able to directly adapt each action or modify it with minimum effort, to adjust to your individual players' strengths. This allows you to take advantage of each of your player's strongest assets and give them high-percentage opportunities to score.

Coach Collin's strength lies in his precise and articulate teaching style. Through the use of players on the court, the Duke quick-hitting action set is easy learn and understand. It is a must-have for any high school, college, or professional coach.

With Duke's quick-hitting action set, your team will become a fast-paced scoring machine that's nearly impossible to scout and prepare for.

52 minutes. 2013.


Duke Basketball: Tactics, Techniques and Drills for Man Defense (click to purchase separately)

  • Get the techniques and drills you need to build stingy individual and team defense
  • Learn variations of the 4v4 shell drill to integrate defensive concepts of help & recover, stunting and communicating
  • Teach your players communication skills to stop dribble penetration from any angle on the floor
  • Features former Defensive Player of the Year and Duke Associate Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski

Steve Wojciechowski reveals the drills that have made Duke University one of the top defensive teams in the country for the past decade. Now you can shore up your man defense using this complete defensive progression.

Individual Defense

From defensive stance and slides to working out of help-side positions to stop dribble penetration, Wojciechowski leaves no stone unturned as he teaches individual defense.

He demonstrates how to contest and pressure the ball with confidence and quick decision making skills. You will see footwork, hand and body positions that will make you a defensive threat and leave opposing players wishing you were guarding someone else.

2-on-2 Drills
Coach Wojciechowski moves from 1-on-1 drills to 2-on-2 drills adding a help side defender that must communicate with the on-ball defender to create confidence between teammates. In his 2-on-2 drills, players learn how to use a commanding voice to communicate with each other, how to pivot and close out, and defend off-ball cutters.

3-on-3 and 4-on-4 Drills
In Duke's 3-on-3 driving lines, players learn to communicate and stunt on a drive, help one another, and force the offense to work hard using as many passes and as much movement, as possible. Use Wojo's 4-on-4 shell to ensure your players are constantly closing out, communicating, and staying in a stance throughout the entire possession.

5-on-5 Drills
Coach Wojciechowski combines all of his defensive principles into a 5-on-5 half court defense. Coach demonstrates help-side defense and rotations to cover every scoring threat that a defense can face. He explains how they handle ball screens from the wing, post defense, and ball screens from the top of the key using two separate calls, Black and Blue.

Invite Coach Wojciechowski into your gym and build a commanding, pressure filled defense that no opponent will want to face.

72 minutes. 2013.

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