Duke Basketball: Creating a Championship Post Player: Jeff Capel

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This DVD is part of the Duke Basketball Drill Series -- Click to purchase all 5 video's and save!

  • Develop your post players' mobility and skills in and around the paint
  • Learn to use post player drills that mimic your team's offensive strategy
  • Teach simple scoring moves for low post players both on and off the block
  • Teach your post players how to effectively run different pick-and-rolls, pick-and-pops, and roll-and-replace

Duke assistant coach, Jeff Capel has created a post player workout that is packed with drills that develop skill and mobility. First, Coach Capel demonstrates offensive techniques that will teach your post players:

  • Jump hooks
  • Drop steps
  • Quick go (one dribble into a running hook)
  • Quick spin move
  • Reverse pivots into jumpers
  • Rip-and-drive

Each move is taught on both sides of the paint and to develop the use of either hand.

Create scoring chances from a variety of spots on the floor using a flash, duck-in, roll, pop and more. All of the shots in this post series are implemented into five intense shooting drills:

  • 4 Around 1 Breakdown Drill - A breakdown of shots and situations your posts will see in your offense.
  • 4 and 5 Shot Drill - These drills string together a series of shots that posts will regularly see in games.
  • Wing (wide action) and Angle Ball Screens (high action) - Improves the effectiveness of the 2-man game.
  • 5 Spot Skills (out of rips and off of offensive rebounds) - Forces post players to develop skills from the perimeter, which can be an uncomfortable location for them on the court.

With Duke Basketball's Creating a Championship Post Player, your post players will become unstoppable multi-skilled and mobile big men.

46 minutes. 2013.

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