Duke Basketball: Creating a Championship Guard: Steve Wojciechowski

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Former Duke Player of the Year and current Duke assistant coach Steve Wojciechowski shows what it takes to be a great guard.

  • Build ball handling habits that incorporate creating space, vision, and pace
  • Learn defensive drills to develop quickness and intensify ball pressure
  • Develop point guards to become true floor generals and extensions of your coaching

One of the greatest guards to ever come out of Duke University brings you the formula for developing a complete point guard. Steve "Wojo" Wojciechowski is a master at developing great guards.

As a former point guard and NABC National Defensive Player of the year, he knows what it takes to be successful. In this on-court presentation, Wojo shares his best exercises to develop ball-handling skills, shooting, and defensive abilities.

Coach Wojciechowski details every aspect of a guard's game as he takes you through some of the drills Duke uses to train their guards within their offensive system. With each drill, he emphasizes small details that most player's overlook as they train for success.

Guards must be able to maintain control against pressure in order to facilitate the offense and maintain the ability to attack. Coach Wojciechowski demonstrates full court ball handling drills that will help you teach your players how to:

  • Always see the floor as their dribbling.
  • Push the pace when they want the game to speed up.
  • Slow the pace in order organize and command the offense.
  • Create space between themselves and their defenders.

Coach Wojciechowski speaks specifically about developing a relationship with your team's point guards to ensure you share the same vision. He outlines five qualities every point guard needs to have in order to better understand your philosophy, mentality, and vision for the team. Developing a true relationship of teaching and trust will allow your point guard to act as a natural extension of you.

The second part of this workout includes a "Game Shots Series" with a specific focus on making your players practice the shots they will get in a game. The series includes:

  • Power Layups
  • Running Hooks
  • Goofy Foot Layups
  • Giant Killers (tear drops)
  • Reverse Layups
  • 15ft Catch-and-Shoot
  • Post Feeds and Kick-Outs
  • Penetrate and Kick
  • Penetrate and Hesitation Dribble Move
  • Dribble Hand-Off


Coach Wojciechowski demonstrates and explains what defensive habits a point guard must have to lead their team. He demonstrates two dynamic defensive drills that will develop sound defensive habits, keep your guards in their stances, and develop the conditioning and technique necessary to maintain ball pressure.

What makes these workouts special is that Wojciechowski has combined teaching advanced skills with game-like intensity. Your players not only elevate their game, but also their conditioning. The skills that coach Wojciechowski acquired as a player are masterfully incorporated into this DVD that will help you turn your guards into stellar performers.

58 minutes. 2013.

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