Drills for the Structured Open-Post Motion Offense: Chris Endres

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Drills for the Structured Open-Post Motion Offense presents a series of proven drills that basketball coaches can use to teach the fundamental skills and techniques involved in this highly effective, yet simple offense. The array of factors covered by the drills includes proper footwork in cutting, screening, pick-and-rolls, post-up opportunities, and shooting. Featuring two-man, three-man, and five-man drills, the DVD also explains how coaches can successfully implement the drills into their daily practice plans.

Among the topics covered:

• Fundamentals
• Two-man partner drills
• Three-man series
• Two-call drills
• Three-call drills
• Four-call drills
• Three-on-three drills
• Five-on-the-perimeter drills

91 minutes. 2011.

Also available: The Structured Open-Post Motion Offense

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