Drills for Teaching the 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone: Chris Endres

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Drills for Teaching the 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone features a series of game-tested daily practice drills that coaches can employ to help their perimeter and post defenders become fundamentally sound in the 1-2-2 match-up zone system.

The drills address the key factors involved in installing and executing the 1-2-2 match-up zone defense, which combines the basic elements of man-to-man defense on the ball with zone defense away from the ball. The DVD is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches who want their teams to develop the ability to disrupt and confuse opposing offenses with this close-out, trapping style of defense.

Among the topics covered:

  • Perimeter play
  • Defensive play in the post area
  • Trap situations
To understand the complete 1-2-2 match-up zone system, you will want to also purchase Coaching the 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone by Coach Endres.
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47 minutes
Coaches Choice (2012)

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