Dribble Goggles

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Dribble Goggles help develop good fundamentals in ball handling and dribbling by forcing players to dribble without looking at the ball. Having players' heads up allows them to watch opponents and make better passing, shooting, and dribbling decisions.

Dribble specs teach you to look up the court without looking at the basketball while dribbling. You must learn to dribble and handle the basketball by touch and feel. These dribble goggles will help you develop the fundamental skills of dribbling and will increase your court awareness!

Using the Dribble Goggles will not interfere in shooting the basketball and therefore can be used in a vast array of basketball drills.

Using the Dribble Goggles creates:

  • Greater ball control.
  • Increased court awareness.
  • More sensitive hands.
  • Focus on the play.
  • Improved reaction time.
  • Increased confidence.
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