Dribble-Drive Offense for High School Basketball: Jerry Petitgoue

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  • Adapt college basketball's high scoring, intense Dribble Drive Motion Offense to your high school basketball team
  • Strategy of adopting the Dribble Drive Motion Offense for high school basketball
  • On court demonstration of various scoring tactics within basketball's Dribble Drive Motion offense

Coach Jerry Petitgoue, the 41-year legendary high school coach, has put together his own unique twist on the Dribble-Drive Offense for high school basketball.

Petitgoue's on-court demonstration includes options to get to the hoop, dump off to the post, drive the baseline, use the screen and roll or get the 3-point shot. If the defense is somehow able to stop every option, Petitgoue shows how the Dribble-Drive Offense can be run in continuity. The video concludes with 12 drills used to perfect the Dribble-Drive Offense.

83 minutes. 2008.

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