Creating A Competitive Practice Environment: Paul Combs

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In Creating a Competitive Practice Environment from Coach Paul Combs, you will see a live practice at Division II Wayne State (NE).

Coach Paul Combs' team starts with warm-ups, shooting drills and dry run transition offense. They then move into four competitive team drills that stress winning consecutive possessions (a score and a stop) and making three of four free throws in order to win the drill. The Marquette Change Drill is a 4-on-4 full-court drill for transition defense, half-court defense and good offensive fundamentals.

In the defensive segment Combs uses 3-on-3 close outs to teach the I rotation. The 30-point game is a competitive game using a specific scoring system allowing your team to play at a high energy level and learn the value of the ball and winning possessions. The practice ends with a weave drill.

80 Minutes. 2012.

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