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Clean Your Courts Quicker and Easier!

The CourtClean® 8' mop cleans the gym floor after practice or a game much more quickly than other mops or methods. To use, dampen the specially designed towel (included), attach to the sweeper pad, and pull across the floor. You will have the floor cleaned in minutes, improving floor condition and protecting the finish. Works on any type of hard floor. Part of playing basketball is making sure the floor is clean before and after practice — a lesson you need to share with your players. Again, part of being a team is sharing responsibility. The CourtClean 8' unit comes with a custom sweeper pad, specially designed towel and pull rope.

This 8' wide pull mop is designed to safely clean gym floors in half the time of traditional methods. Simply dampen the towel (included), attach to the sweeper, and pull across the floor. Perfect for use before and between practice and game sessions.


  • Clean court in minutes
  • Improves floor conditions and protects floor finish
  • Includes custom sweeper pad, specially designed towel and pull rope
  • Works on any hard floor surface

[Note: I've personally used the CourtClean where I've coached and it comes highly recommended. It's much easier than trying to push a damp towel with a big push-broom and because of its' size, the court is wiped clean in a snap.]

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