Competitive Rebounding Drills: Skip Prosser

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"This is the best instructional video I have ever seen!" Thom McDonald, former FSU Director of BB Operations and Drake University assistant coach

This informative instructional video includes some of the best rebounding pressure drills ever! Prosser teaches the fundamentals for successful team rebounding philosophy in this incredible demonstration video! All of the competitive drills demonstrated are based on these three major components:

  1. Never let each other down
  2. Collective Responsibility
  3. It is not how big you are but how big you play!

Packed with thirteen two-minute drills, two four-minute drills, and one eight-minute drill, Prosser outlines players' rebounding responsibilities within each drill and shares methods for making successful rebounding a source of pride for your players. Every drill is competitive, complete with example of consequences and rewards. An added bonus includes a special presentation on how to develop as a coach, and how to deal with players and parents. This is really a "gold mine" of great information.

90 minutes. 2003.

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