Coaching the Assaulting Dribble-Drive Motion Offense: Chris Endres

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Coaching the Assaulting Dribble-Drive Motion Offense presents a comprehensive overview of the principles and fundamentals involved in this aggressive, attacking offensive system.

The DVD covers a variety of key skills and techniques, including dribble penetration to pressure the defense while post players work for basket positioning and perform ball screens to isolate shooters, how to use spacing to disrupt the defense, and how to utilize kick-out passes from the dribble penetration to gain open jump-shot opportunities.

The DVD also details a number of set plays that can be effectively employed in this offensive system.

Among the topics covered:

  • Advantages of the assaulting dribble-drive motion offense
  • Reacting to the defense
  • The post-player option
  • Set plays

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56 minutes
Coaches Choice (2012)

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