Chris Mooney: Team & Individual Drills for the Princeton Style Offense

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  • Be more accurate on your passes
  • Improve your catch and shoot technique
  • Get your players to make better decisions in the game

Chris Mooney demonstrates a very organized practice that incorporates drills aimed at improving team passing, ball handling and shooting skills. This DVD is perfect for the coach who wants to improve their team's skill level, but has minimal time for individual player improvement drills.

Coach Mooney begins with a quick-moving warm- up that includes full- court dribble moves, lay-ups and star passing. In Mooney's unique version of the star passing drill, he emphasizes spacing, hard cuts and two-handed passes and catches as players engage in over-head, chest, and bounce passes.

Mooney leads players through pass and cut lay-ups and driving lay-ups from various challenging angles. Coach Mooney next demonstrates the three lines running drill, which demands total concentration as players pass, catch and score while sprinting up and down the court.

Continuing the skill work, Mooney incorporates two more shooting drills. Stand still 3's requires players to shoot from certain spots on the floor while stationary. Mooney sets a goal of 80 in his 2-line shooting drills, which consist of three- (1 and « minute) drills, that require three basketballs, and 2 lines of players, as shots are taken from various locations on the floor. Coach Mooney concludes this DVD with 3-on 3 and 2-on 2 drills that require players to set screens, slip screens and make reads on the defense as they are moving without the ball and communicating.

Coach Mooney is a disciple of the popular Princeton Offense, serving as a four-year starter for Hall of Fame coach Pete Carril at Princeton. These drills will help you get your players better every day with the limited practice time you have.

72 minutes. 2009.

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