Championship Feeder System: Youth Basketball Practice Grades 5-8: Jerry Petitgoue

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  • See how to run a 90 minute practice that features skill development, offensive and defensive work, press breaks and conditioning
  • Attack both man-to-man and zone full court pressure with Coach Petitgoue's aggressive 1-4 press breaker
  • Run Coach Petitgoue's 5- man open post offense, which is simple to teach and a great lead-up to any type of motion offense

Legendary master teacher Jerry Petitgoue provides an in-depth look at the ideal 90-minute practice for any feeder program. The practice includes:

  • Warm-up & Exercises
  • Shooting
  • Ball Handling
  • Press Break
  • Fast Break
  • Defense
  • Offense

This organized and swift moving practice begins with players performing a dynamic warm-up that includes exercises that are great for improving your players stability and core strength. Jumping into practice, Coach Petitgoue gets players into partner groups where he utilizes tennis balls to improve both dribbling and passing skills.

Players are given an opportunity to check their form everyday with the "shot builder" shooting drill. Petitgoue intensifies the practice with jump-stop lay-ups and the 3-man-2-ball shooting drill, which improves a player's ability to shoot on the move.

Staying with fundamentals, Petitgoue improves the all-important skill of passing with a variety of stationary drills and passing on the move drills, including the peripheral passing drill. Next players "circle up" for more ball-handling drills as players perform stationary dribbling drills and the 2-Line ball handling where they perform a variety of challenging dribble moves at game speed.

Handling full-court pressure defense has long been a problem for elementary and middle-school aged players. Petitgoue provides the solution to this problem by introducing an all-purpose 1-4 press breaker that can be effectively utilized versus both man-to-man and zone presses. The Vegas press break is also shown. This effective press breaker and be used against 2-2-1 and 1-3-1 zone trapping defenses.

Young players will not realize they are conditioning while they perform the 5-on-0 Fast Break Drill and the State Drill, which is not only competitive, but improves defensive transition and communication as well.

Moving to the defensive end of the floor, Petitgoue takes young players through the shell drill where he emphasizes jumping to the ball on every pass and pressuring the ball. His coaching points feature one pass and two pass away spacing, sink to the level of the ball to defend the lane on dribble penetration and post defense.

In the last segment, Petitgoue introduces the five man open post offense and the three sets, Regular, Iowa and Go, that are executed out of it. This offense teaches players "how to play," and places all five players on the perimeter where they are encouraged to attack the basket.

Petitgoue ends his practice with the competitive free throw challenge, which is a fun drill that improves both free throw shooting and conditioning.

Learn to incorporate the fundamentals into your practice, which will lead to better basketball players and more wins on the court.

103 minutes. 2010.

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